Podesto Teen Impact Center

The Teen Impact Center is operated by Family Resource and Referral Center and is directly lead by the Teen Leadership Council (TLC). The TLC is comprised of local high school students that share the common goal of "making Stockton a better place."  The TLC creates, develops and evaluates the programs, publications, and services offered at the Teen Impact Center. If you are a teen, or know a teen interested in applying to be a part of the Council, visit the Teen Impact Center website listed External Links at the bottom of this page.


Teen Impact Center Activities

The Teen Impact Center has a full calendar of events and activities opened to the youth of Stockton. To view what is happening currently, please visit the Teen Impact Center website listed int he external links at the bottom of this page.


Teen Impact Center Goals

  • Engage youth in creating and managing the Teen Center's success through leadership, personal, and social development opportunities for our city's youth.
  • Partner with Stockton's teens, families, and schools to invest in the success of its teen s through academic achievement, life-skill building, and employment.
  • Build physically and emotionally healthy teens through diverse recreation activities.
  • Create opportunities for community investment and engagement to support sustainability.


For additional information, a link to the Children's Museum web site is provided under External Links below.   


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