Our City Hall

425 N. El Dorado Street

Our City Hall’s majestic architecture and noble inscriptions make the exterior an iconic part of our downtown landscape. After nearly a hundred years of continual use, the building is in a state of disrepair, requiring extensive, and expensive, mitigation efforts. 


We must plan for our future needs and, at the same time, determine the best use for the current City Hall. The Mayor and Council recognize the historical significance of the building and the deep sentiment held by many residents about the building.


The Council would like to hear from people who have thoughts, ideas, or recommendations. Costs will continue to be a major factor in the final decision, but the City is open to collaborative and creative solutions.


Link to August 29, 2017, The Record article, "Stockton City Hall is moving"



Sharing Ideas

It’s important everyone has an opportunity to weigh in and we capture as many ideas as possible.

  • What would you like to see happen with historic City Hall?
  • Should it be public or private, office or residential, museum or something completely different?


If you would like your voice to be heard about the future of the historic City Hall building or even to share memories of what the building means to you, please email your ideas to OurCityHall@stocktonca.gov.


Proposed Permanent City Hall

On September 19, 2017, the Stockton City Council approved the purchase of the Waterfront Towers (501/509 W. Weber Ave.) for use as the future City Hall.  


To read more about the Proposed Permanent City Hall, please see the September 19, 2017, City Council Meeting Agenda, Agenda Item 14.3, and to hear more about plans for the future of City Hall, please watch this video. (YoutTube)


If you have additional questions, please contact the Community Relations Officer Connie Cochran at (209) 937-8827.



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