Utility Users Tax

Utility service providers (of telecommunications, water, gas, electric, video, or phone services to any customer within the City limits) are required to bill and remit the appropriate Utility Users Tax monthly to the City under Stockton Municipal Codes 3.24.

  • Utility Users Tax rate is six percent (6%).
  • Remittance form and tax collected for telecommunications and video is due by the 20th day of the month following collection.
  • Remittance form and tax collected for water, gas, and electric is due by the 28th day of the month following collection.
  • Penalty of 15% will be applied for delinquent payments received after the 28th day. In addition, interest in the amount of 0.75% will accrue monthly on the amount of tax owed.


Utility Users Tax Exemptions

  • Federal and state governments, public schools, and state universities are exempt.
    • For information and exempt entities, please review the Request for Exemption form below.
  • The tax does not apply to satellite television or internet services per federal regulations.


Utility Users Tax Forms



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