GIS Data

GIS data layers are available for free download in GIS and CAD formats below. 

If a particular layer is not available on this page, it may be available for a fee. 

Please use Ask Stockton to submit a request.


Data layers for download in GIS format

(Zipped ESRI Shapefile format)


Data for download in CAD format

(Zipped AutoCAD DXF format)


City of Stockton GIS data is maintained in the State Plane Coordinate System (California Coordinate System, Zone III, feet, and Lambert Conformal Conic Projection) using the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83). Metadata describing the feature attributes is included in the zipped files.



External Links

AutoDesk - creator of DXF file format and AutoCAD software

ESRI (Environmental Science Resource Institute) - creator of shapefile format and ArcGIS software

North American Datum- Wikipedia page on North American Datums of 1983 and 1927 

State Plane Coordinate System- Wikipedia page on State Plane Coordinate System 

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