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Urban Farmers and Cottage Food Grant Program

Funding for the City of Stockton Urban Farmers and Cottage Food Grant Program is now available.

Eligible businesses may receive grants of $3,000. Applications will be accepted until program funds are exhausted.

Apply now for the Urban Farmers & Cottage Foods Grant Relief Program 

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Urban Farmers & Cottage Foods Grant Eligibility Requirements

  • A valid and current City of Stockton Business License
    • Temporary businesses or Itinerant Merchants, such as produce stands, are eligible. Business licenses are available based on the period the business operates. For more information on licenses for temporary businesses, please see the City code on Itinerant Merchants.
  • The business address location is within the city limits of the City of Stockton.
  • Be an eligible for-profit or non-profit entity: urban gardener/farmer, community garden, urban farming enterprise, farmers market vendor, cottage food entrepreneur, etc. The City reserves the right to deem the type of businesses that are ineligible.
  • Follow permitting requirements to operate as required by the City.
  • Be a business owner with a current household income not exceeding 80% of Area Median Income (AMI).

Eligible businesses are encouraged to apply using the link below:


Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program

The City’s Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program addresses food insecurity through grant funding to help with infrastructure upgrades to retail stores, to promote the sale and storage of healthier food options. These grants can be used for improvements, such as installing new refrigeration or shelving. Eligible projects may be awarded up to $10,000 in funding.



Stocked Full of Produce Grant Eligibility

Eligible projects may be awarded up to $10,000 in funding. Eligible requirements include:

  • Business must be a retail outlet such as corner stores or convenience stores
  • Funds must be used for business upgrades to make healthy food available (examples: refrigeration, shelving, storage, etc.)
  • Located within targeted zones with Stockton city limits.
  • For full details about site and project eligibility, review the Stocked Full of Produce Program Guidelines

Stocked Full of Produce Applications

Applications are available in multiple languages. Use the link below to access the application portal.


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Urban Agriculture Ordinance

Stockton’s first Urban Agricultural Ordinance for those who live within the city limits of Stockton was approved by the Stockton City Council on September 15, 2020. The ordinance makes it possible for Stockton residents to keep chickens (no roosters), ducks, and/or bees, and allows for additional types of produce stands to sell locally grown fruits and vegetables.

For additional information, including permit requirements, sale of produce options, limits on numbers and types of animals, lot size, and setback requirements, please contact the Community Development Department


Food and Ag Plan

  • In 2015, the City Council adopted the “City of Stockton Economic Development Strategic Plan” to focus on strong food and agriculture-related assets in the region.
  • By summer 2016, the City and Valley Vision worked to develop a Food and Agriculture Action Plan.
  • Published in 2017, the Action Plan created a roadmap for addressing topics such as:
    • fostering a supportive agricultural enterprise ecosystem,
    • promoting food and beverage manufacturing,
    • agricultural workforce development,
    • addressing food insecurity, and
    • leveraging the region’s agricultural bounty & entrepreneurial spirit.

Current efforts are underway to implement the Action Plan recommendations, including the rollout of a new infrastructure grant program, Stocked Full of Produce, and the development of the Stockton Urban Ag Ordinance. 

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Food and Ag Activities to Date

March 2018:  AgPlus Stockton

Small business forum in partnership with AgPlus Fresno highlights resources available to small agriculture and food manufacturing businesses.  

March & April 2018: Urban Ag Ordinance Community Meetings

Series of community meetings spotlight the development of an Urban Ag Ordinance. 

May 2018: Feast at the Fox

Farm-to-table dining experience in partnership with Visit Stockton, the City of Stockton, and Delta College Culinary Arts Program.

May 2018: Stocked Full of Produce Grant Program

Program for food insecurity that offers retail stores grant funding to assist with needed infrastructure upgrades to promote the sale and storage of healthier food options.

June & July 2018:  Urban Ag Ordinance Community Meetings
July 2020: Planning Commission approved Urban Ag Ordinance 
September 2020: Urban Ag Ordinance approved by City Council


Contact the Economic Development Department for information about upcoming meetings.


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