Account Closing

  • Account closings will only be processed upon property ownership changes.
  • Only the customer of record or their agent can request to have an account closed.
  • Submit a closing request by:
  • Closing requests require advance notice of at least one business day and cannot be accepted for any weekend, holiday or closed Friday.
  • At no time will services be provided to a property or person free of charge.
  • When tenant accounts are closed, a property owner-only account will be opened to bill for sewer, stormwater, garbage and recycling, using the property owner information listed on the San Joaquin County tax roll.
  • For closed accounts, tenants will be responsible for all charges billed in the tenants' name. Property owners will not be responsible for charges billed to the tenant as an account holder.
  • Property owners are responsible for notifying the City when property ownership has changed.
  • Unpaid, delinquent accounts billed to the property owner may be liened against the property and ultimately transferred and collected through the county tax roll.


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