Council Policies

As the legislative body of the City of Stockton, the City Council is charged with the responsibility of establishing policies to guide the various municipal functions of the City and, where necessary, to establish procedures by which functions are performed. Regulatory policies established by the City Council are typically adopted by ordinance and included in the Municipal Code.


Other policies also are established that do not require adoption by ordinance. These policy statements, adopted by resolution of the City Council, are maintained and indexed in the same database that contains the following documents: 

  • Stockton Municipal Code (SMC)
  • Stockton City Charter
  • Civil Service Rules and Regulations for Miscellaneous Employees
  • Civil Service Rules and Regulations for Police and Fire Employees


Stockton Council Policy Manual

To view the Stockton Council Policy Manual, please visit External Links below for the Stockton Municipal Code and view the link in the left column.



External Links

Stockton Municipal Code - Stockton Policy Manual

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